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ASOCIATIA PRIETEN CREDINCIOS - FAITHFUL FRIEND ASSOCIATION is an NGO founded in 2002, located and activating in Piatra Neamt, a small city in the North-Eastern part of Romania.

We have our own private dog shelter with around 150 dogs. We also have around 40-50 dogs in another location. Our association's activity is in accordance with Romanian legislation and is based only on donations and sponsorships. Our goals is to save stray animals, as many as possible, control their breeding, find them a good home, participate to campaign related to animal protection.

The association is constantly facing many problems and needs donations and volunteers to be able to continue it's activity, limited to saving animals in really critical situation and create decent survival conditions for over 200 dogs. Probably lack of time and the shelter current situation made volunteers stay away or forget to come back. They are still waited for help by more than 200 dogs saved from different situations (you can see some of their histories in our photos). For Tamara, the vice president of the association, the dogs in needs are first priority, but she cannot handle shelter problems on her own.

The most important problems in the shelter are the lack of power, daily food for all the dogs and the need to spay the new comers. To be able to help more dogs, all these problems needs to be solved first.

We managed to establish a collaboration with 2 local doctors who come to the shelter twice a week for treatments and to check on the dogs. Whenever funds are available, we try to spay as many dogs as possible from the shelter.

We organised several spay/neuter campaigns but the funds are not sufficient.

We are trying to promote and find homes for most of them but others come and there is never an empty spot in the shelter. We invite everyone interested to help to contact us for volunteer activity, food or other donation.

Contact: office@prietencredincios.org.ro

Accounts available for donations are:
IBAN RON RO79BRDE280SV32637192800
Name: Prieten Credincios

Cont PayPal: office@prietencredincios.org.ro