Name: Arianna
Sex: Female
Age: 9-10 years
- 2 tumour extraction surgeries
- neutered
- right front leg broken and wrong welded
Current location: at new owner's home


The story

She is Arianna, the newest member of our shelter. She is around 9 years old, and, looking at her problems, she had a very hard life. She was living in a parking outside the city, like many other dogs in Romania, the preferred place for many :loving" owners to dump their dogs when they get bored.

Her story is even sad because she has many health issues. Many tumours on her chest, out of which one was gigantic and could not let her rest normally, a broken leg which healed incorrectly, cataract, probably pregnant, and, of course, skinny.

Although she had so many problems, she is still capable to wave her tail and smile if you caress her. Fighting for survival made her stronger, and Arianna learned to walk acceptably using only 3 legs. She is still very sociable and friendly.

As soon as Tamara learned about this dog, she looked for her at the indicated spot, took her, and brought her for medical care at the University of Veterinary Medecine in Iasi. On Monday, May 2nd, Arianna was successfully operated, and tumours were removed. After a few more weeks she was also neutered.

Now she is inside the shelter, waiting for the day she will be completely happy, with an owner who can offer her all the love in the world, a thing she probably never had received.