This is sweet Bolec, smiling from his new home


and his story is:

Bolec was found in 2011, summer time, hit by a car and abandonned near the road. He was left there paralysed, so vulnerable and wretched.
He was a very shy and scared dog with a beautiful character. He was never aggressive with other dogs, but always humble and peacefull.
Thanks to his distance mom, Andreea, he had the chance to be operated on his back on a clinic in Bucharest. Even so, he was not able to recover and he remained paralysed.
His story and his smily and humble face, impressed a lovely family who immediatelly wanted to adopt him and give him a chance to life.
Bolec left for his new home on January 2012 where he is very spoiled and loved. Andreas and Moni waited for him with great excitement.
And this is not all: the story has the happiest end when Bolec met his "distance mom", the angel from far away who sponsored him and payed for his suregeries and investigations. They had the chance to meet on Bolec new home.

Please see here a video with Bolec and Jerry after surgeries

More pictures here: