This is Turbo-Jerry adopted in UK


This is his story:

Jerry is paralyzed, but his happy nature makes you believe he is the healthiest dog. He was found in Piatra Neamt few years ago hit by a car, trying to climb from the street to the sidewalk. He had wounds, he was in pain and he could not use his back legs.
He was saved by Tamara who also improvised a small yard for him. He lived there for some time, until his story reached our friend's heart.
In the mean time, with the help of Andreea, another guiding angel of our dogs, Jerry had a back surgery in Bucharest, even if his chances to walk again were not big. The surgery had a too small effect on his legs, as his state remained almost the same.
Sometimes he manages to stretch his back and rely on them, but that is only improvement saw after the surgery.
Unfortunately, Jerry will remain paralyzed. But Jerry's personality is opposite with his condition and his short state. He is a very strong dog; since he is in UK he has his own wheelchair and he runs like crazy.
Kelly is taking best care of him and his condition has greatly improved ever since. His coat looks unrecognizable, now wearing pampers and cleaned every day, no more freezing outside in winter, no more wounds on his back legs because of dragging, good food, a lot of other dog friends around and, the best think ever: Kelly's love around him all the time.
He is waiting there for his own home, the best one, to a family that can cope with his need, to a family that will love him the way he is: paralyzed but happy, full of love and energy!

Click here to see a video of Jerry made by Kelly.

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