O noua familie

A new family

Sex: 3 females and one male
Age: 2-3 months
Current location: at new owner's home


The story

A new family, 3 girls and one boy, is about to come in the shelter these days. Currently they are sheltered in the small yard of a block.

They are 2 months old. Their mother died hit by a car when they were one month old. Ever since they had been cared with love by a person from that block.

They are happy there, but not for long: many people do not want them there anymore and the lady fears for their life. She asked for our help, to take them in the shelter for their own safety.

There are 3 girls and one boy (the one with black and white), and thay are really beautiful, I am sure you agree! Their mother was a small to medium size dog.

Please help us find them a good home!