Ochiut (now Rosie) - the miracle, adopted in UK


and this is her story:

Her story is a sad one, as usual, and her recovery took a lot of time. Now she is adopted in UK, by a loving and responsible, which accepted her the way she is, with visible marks from the trauma she had in Romania.
We called her Ochiut (Little Eye) because of her hypnotizing eyes.
Ochiut was the luckiest girl in her gang of strays. All her friends died poisoned by some crazy people. We were called by the lady who was taken care of them; she was crying desperately because Ochiut was also poisoned but she did not die and she was crying and suffering a lot.
When nobody gave her any chance to live, Tamara decided that she will not give up on her and help her recover. It was one of the most difficult recovery: for 2 weeks Ochiut did not eat anything, she was alive only because of glucose and vitamins. She could not get up at all, just sat on one side and raised her head with swings from time to time.
Once she started to eat, just a few at the beginning, she won the battle! The recovery was very slow as the poison reached her nervous system.
Now, after one year and a half, she still have problems with the nervous system, she becomes unbalanced when she is in a hurry or she is too excited.
Mentally she completely recovered. From a shy and fearful girl she turned into a brave, happy, even possessive, very playful and trustful girl. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!"
Kelly, our friend in UK, is the one who helped her to also find a family in UK, even if she had to wait for her for a long time, to be sure she can handle such a long trip.

Please see here a video with Ochiut at one year after she was found

More pictures here: