This is Raf, happy now with his new family


and his story is:

Raf is now a happy young boy, very spoiled and very sociable. Ok ... and pretty noisy too.
One year ago he was a stray in Piatra Neamt, thin and frail, trying to survive beside the stronger dogs in the gang. But he had a friend, Angelica (= angel), with whom he was sharing both his hunger and his food, also his good and bad times. As long as they were together, Raf was happy as he knew no better life.
One day their friendship ended tragically as Angelica died hit by a car. Raf cried beside her as only a real friend would ever done. Tamara cried with him, for her and for his pain, when Raf was watching on his breathless Angel.
He had to be helped immediately, as his state was changing, he became sad and wretched, without the happiness and the energy he once had. Two great news came for Raf: Andrea, our restless friend from far away, found a foster for him in Bucharest: he was safe from the street and had many friends to socialize with.
The greatest news came from Norway, when May saw him and lied him so much and wanted to adopt him. The way to Norway was not as short and easy as we all wanted. Preparations, quarantine and transport bookings lasted much longer than we expected. But May and Raf waited so long and, finally, after few months, Raf flew to his new home.
His life completely changed ever since. He has a new girlfriend, Thira, to consume his energy together with. But, the most important, he has May who adores him with all the silly things he does, and he has the so much waited home.

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