LETTER to the European Commission - Dogs' treatment in Romania

Asociatia Prieten Credincios together with other 200 organisations, has signed the 23rd of January 2014 a letter to the European Commission to request that finally they intervene regarding the extremely cruel treatment applied to the dogs In Romania.
A huge number of organisation throughout Europe have signed this letter.
The letter was sent to the European Commission with a copy to the European Commission of Audit and the Intergroup for Animal Welfare within the European Parliament.

Contact office@prietencredincios.org.ro
Website: http://europeancommunicationsteam.weebly.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/European-Communications-Team/583260628426222

Petition: https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/european-commission-freeze-all-funding-to-romania-until-a-humanely-compliant-dog-population-control-strategy-is-adopted

Would like to help?

Bank transfer:

IBAN RON: RO79BRDE280SV32637192800

IBAN EUR: RO75BRDE280SV32637272800

PayPal: office@prietencredincios.org.ro

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Dear friends, help us help them!

Hello dear friends!
We start the new year with hopes that we will be able to continue our activity to save and find families for as many as possible speachless souls that need help.

We hope for a better 2013 for the other ones yearing from the kennels to have their own home. You will find them all lovely, just have a look on their albums here.
2012 was a good year for some of our dogs who were more lucky and found loving families. You can see them here.
In 2012 we found new great friends and we consolidated old friendships. Thanks to them, we managed to find families for our dogs or cats. Is them who try to help us with donations as much as they could, to sustain our activities of spaing and vaccinations in the shelter and not only.
Faithfull Friend Organization wish you all a better year, hope you to find the love and peace and share with the helpless ones.

Each of us can make a difference, just stop and "watch with you heart", raise a hand for the one in need, even if is just to comfort them, to feed them or even more, to hold them and change their miserable life. Is all in us!
Unfortunately in Romania there will be always a dog/cat in need, you just need to stop and look closer.

Ignorance kills, empathy makes miracles.
Make a comitment for this year, be a better person and don't just pass by an animal in need!
We are humans, so let's enjoy "humanity" by helping others: it can bring us the greatest joy.

Spaying in the shelter

October 25, 2011


Another 25 female dogs were spayed on October 25.

Surgeries Ortovet

October 15, 2011


On the middle of October: Ochiut, Bolec, Jerry and Pufa were patients on Ortovet clinic, Bucharest, for analysis and surgeries. Someone who preferred to remain anonymous payed the investigations and the surgeries for all dogs. Bolec, Jerry and Pufa, our paralyzed dogs were operated to give them a chance to walk again.

Bolec has more chances to walk again compared to the others. Jerry's fracture is more critical, the doctor did his best, but his chances to walk again are low. The news are not better for Pufa. She has more chances than Jerry, but only the time will tell the surgeries effects. Ochiut was also investigated but no clear diagnostic was available for her. We cannot tell how she got here, but her nervous system was certainly affected.

The analysis results are good for the 4 patients, they have no other affections.

Please see here video with Jerry and Bolec after surgery

Please see here a movie with beautiful Ochiut

Sterilization campaign in the shelter

July 8, 2011

On July 14 and 15, 2011, the sterilization of 100 dogs will take place at the shelter "Prieten Credincios (Faithful Friend)" in Piatra Neamt.

The campaign is open for animals outside the shelter as well. If you have a dog or a cat and you want to sterilize him/her, we can help you. The price for one pet's sterilization is 65 RON + VAT. Scheduling can be made by calling us at +4 0741 119653 or via e-mail: office@prietencredincios.org.ro.

If you wish to volunteer for this operation, please let us know!
0741 119653

Collect for shelter reconstruction and sterilization of 100 dogs

July 3, 2011

Dupa incendiu

We are collecting money for "Prieten Credincios" shelter reconstruction and sterilization of another 100 dogs in the shelter and outside the shelter, different locations in Piatra Neamt.

With the help of some old friends that were beside us with donations in really difficult moments, we started to slowly rebuild the shelter. The shelter was cleaned up, the little room roof was restored: Sara, Maia and Lisa, the smallest and most sensitive, are staying inside now. The room is used now as storage, until we rebuild the old one...

In middle of july, another 60 dogs from the shelter and 40 others from different locations will be spayed. The shelter needs to be sterilized and get ready for the operations and the money for spayings are not collected yet.

Please help with donations. Any help matters!

Direct bank transfers:
IBAN RON: RO79BRDE280SV32637192800

CERTIFICAT Nr.51/A din 22.11.2002
COD FISCAL 15079828

PayPal donations: office@prietencredincios.org.ro

THANK YOU for your help!

Shelter on fire, June 4, 2011

June 5, 2011


Dogs from Prieten Credincion (Faithful Friend) shelter recently went through a big challenge. Tamara was informed that the shelter is on fire.

Luckily, no dog was affected, but some of the materials collected by Tamara (pallets, cartons) and part of the dog food (rice, grains) are burned.

We know that all our friends are animal lovers who share with them their last resources. Still we ask them to help us get over these difficult times. A kilo of grain, a bag of rice, a tin or small donation from each worth much to us.

Any help matters!

Direct bank transfers:
IBAN RON: RO79BRDE280SV32637192800

CERTIFICAT Nr.51/A din 22.11.2002
COD FISCAL 15079828

PayPal donations: office@prietencredincios.org.ro

THANK YOU for helping us rebuilding our shelter!

Open season for distance adoptions!

May 26, 2011

We know that many animal lovers would like to involve into saving stray animals from Romania streets, but there are different reasons that prevent the for doing it: time, distance, inadequate space. Prieten Credincios association would also like that, but the shelter is already overpopulated. There are many requests for other new dogs and is difficult for us to select which one can remain in the shelter because we cannot afford more dogs anymore.

We are a large family here and we have many beautiful dogs!

How can you help? By distance adoption (sponsoring one of the animals that are in our care)!

If you really like one of our dogs and you would like to be his owner but you cannot take the dog home with you, sponsor and cover the costs of dog's staying in our shelter! This costs 40 RON monthly (around 10 Euro) and represents the costs for feeding one dog per month.

You will receive montly (or even more often, on request) new info about his adopted dog, pictures and all requested details related to dog's evolution. You can come and visit anytime and even take the dog for a walk.

Some of our dogs still need to be vaccinated, disinfested or spayed. You can also help the dog get prepared sooner for a real adoption and cover these costs too.

Look, here is our gang in the shelter! Please adopt!

About us

We are a non-profit association, funded in 2002, want to be a caretaker for as many as possible stray dogs in Piatra Neamt city by creating decent conditions for animals and also human protection. Currently, there are over 200 hundreds dogs in the association shelter. Association's activity is in accordance with Romanian legislation and is based only on donations and sponsorships. Our goals are to save stray animals, as many as possible, control their breeding, find them a good home, participate to campaign related to animal protection.

The association is currently facing many problems and needs donations and volunteers to be able to continue it's activity, limited to saving animals in really critical situation and create decent survival conditions for over 200 dogs from association shelter.

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